Mercedes F1 Eyes Renewal Design Guru Needed

Mercedes F1 Eyes Renewal: Design Guru Needed?


Mercedes F1’s Toto Wolff hints at potential changes, exploring “moving forward” strategies. Amidst performance challenges, the team contemplates a design revamp, questioning if a new visionary could be the key to reviving their fortunes.

Despite the W15 receiving praise from its drivers for its healthier operation, it occasionally remains enigmatic in terms of performance and does not mark a significant improvement to challenge Red Bull or Ferrari, at least in the early races of 2024.

Mercedes already undertook a technical overhaul last season when James Allison was brought back into Formula 1’s fold as the technical director, replacing Mike Elliott.

But is that enough? Is there a need to inject new ideas into this group? Does it require a new “design guru,” a term generally associated with Adrian Newey, who has seen great success with Red Bull?

“So, you have a first idea of whom to hire as a design guru?” he responds sarcastically.

“I think it’s always necessary to question ourselves. Why can’t we make it?”

“We are all humans. You know the answer: it’s not the data that makes decisions; it’s humans who do. So, we don’t stop. I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, looking for a savior, quite the opposite.”

“I’m thinking about what else we need to do and how we can push our group to be more creative and perform better.”

“Then, you see the progress made by McLaren and Ferrari. They don’t have design gurus. It’s the difference between last year and this year that hurts, we expected more.”

“So, we really need to dig deep because it’s extremely painful.”

Mercedes F1 Eyes Renewal: Design Guru Needed?. Mercedes F1 Eyes Renewal: Design Guru Needed?


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