Steiner Unruffled by Haas F1's Strong Season Start

Steiner Unruffled by Haas F1’s Strong Season Start


Günther Steiner expresses confidence in Haas F1’s strategy and results, despite Ayao Komatsu’s skepticism.

Günther Steiner is not surprised to see Haas F1 showcasing strong performances early in the season. The team’s former director is puzzled by his successor, Ayao Komatsu’s, overly pessimistic outlook before the season started.

“They’ve done a good job, and I’ve always told Gene Haas I was right about the situation they ended up in, because I knew the wind tunnel numbers,” Steiner stated.

“I believe initially, they downplayed their goals to have an excuse from the start, and the outcomes have been better than expected. To me, that’s a mistake. And I think everyone was convinced it was the right path, I was sure it was.”

“However, in my view, it’s not about this year; it’s about the medium term. You can move from year to year, and each year you can say ‘we are bad,’ and then you perform better than you did.”

The Italian does not wish to take credit for these advancements but praises the former technical director: “I’m not saying it was me; I’m saying the team and Simone Resta did a great job because the car was ready last year, it was ready before I left. The car was finished, it was already being assembled.”

Now serving as the ambassador for the Miami Grand Prix and a paddock consultant, he is pleased to see his former team making progress: “I’m very happy for the team scoring points, because I have a fondness for them, many people have been there since the beginning.”

“So I bear no grudge about it. In fact, I’m very pleased when they score points, because I know the technical team in Italy did great work last year. They worked very, very hard to produce the car that’s racing today. Only time will tell what happens in the future.”

Steiner Unruffled by Haas F1’s Strong Season Start. Steiner Unruffled by Haas F1’s Strong Season Start


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