Marko's Suspension Risk Sparks Verstappen Reaction

Marko’s Suspension Risk Sparks Verstappen Reaction


The potential suspension of Helmut Marko at Red Bull has elicited a significant response from star driver Max Verstappen, highlighting team dynamics and loyalty concerns.

As we reported during the qualifications, Dr. Helmut Marko could face suspension by Red Bull!

Further details have emerged regarding the situation of the Austrian: an internal investigation has been initiated against him for “leaking information to the media.”

Marko has acknowledged he might miss the upcoming Grand Prix in Australia. He also discussed the impact his departure could have on Red Bull Racing, particularly regarding Max Verstappen. The latter has always stated he would leave if Marko were to exit the team.

“Max is undoubtedly the team’s strongest asset. There’s no faster driver at the moment, and losing him would be an incredible loss, especially since there’s also a remarkable number of mechanics, including engineers, who all work incredibly hard for Max, who might leave as well. It’s quite logical and clear that Max is the most crucial part of the team.”

This sends a message to Red Bull’s Thai branch, the majority stakeholder, which seems to have sided with Christian Horner, even if it risks splitting the team.

After the qualifications in Saudi Arabia, journalists naturally focused on the poleman during the press conference. What does Max Verstappen think about this development?

“From my side, I have a lot of respect for Helmut and what we’ve achieved together. It goes back a long way, and of course, my loyalty to him is substantial, and I’ve always made that clear to everyone within the team, to all those in senior positions, that he will play a significant role in my decision-making at any time.”

“It’s therefore crucial that he remains part of the team, along with, of course, everyone else, because it’s a team effort as a whole, and it’s very important that we keep key people together. I feel that if such an important pillar falls, as I’ve said to the team, it won’t be good for my situation either.”

The implication is clear: if Marko goes, he will too!

“For me, it’s certain that Helmut must stay. He built this team with Dietrich from day one and has always been very loyal to the team, to everyone within the team, ensuring everyone would retain their place under Red Bull’s new management. And it’s also very important that this man is given a lot of respect for what he’s done. Loyalty and integrity are crucial, and therefore, he must be part of the team for me.”

Christian Horner has not really commented on Marko and Verstappen’s statements, playing it cool.

“Well, this is the first I’m hearing of it, so I don’t know where this rumor came from. Sorry, I can’t tell you more.”

Marko’s Suspension Risk Sparks Verstappen Reaction. Marko’s Suspension Risk Sparks Verstappen Reaction


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