Marko Faces Possible Suspension

Marko Faces Possible Suspension!


A surprising turn in Red Bull’s power dynamics favors Christian Horner and Thai shareholders, following a team employee’s suspension and potential disciplinary actions against Dr. Helmut Marko.

It seems like a remarkable turn of events is unfolding in the power struggle at Red Bull, likely tipping in favor of Christian Horner and the Thai shareholders.

After the announcement of a Red Bull employee’s suspension yesterday, who had complained about the team director’s behavior, our doubts had largely dissipated.

Today, Dr. Helmut Marko shed light on his own situation in the Jeddah paddock, revealing during the qualifiers that he too might face suspension by Red Bull!

When asked by Austrian broadcaster ORF about rumors of his absence in Australia, Helmut Marko stated, “How should I put it? It’s hard to explain, but in the end, I decide what I will do. Theoretically, this possibility exists.”

It’s worth mentioning that Max Verstappen has often stated that if Dr. Marko, who has shown faith in him, were to leave, he would follow suit!

Stay tuned for possibly more reactions tonight or tomorrow…

Marko Faces Possible Suspension!. Marko Faces Possible Suspension!


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