Magnussen's stupid Game Strategy Against Hamilton

Magnussen’s ‘Stupid Game’ Strategy Against Hamilton


Kevin Magnussen’s defensive tactics in the Miami Sprint drew attention and penalties as he battled against Lewis Hamilton.

Kevin Magnussen once again stood out for his ultra-defensive driving during the Miami Sprint, especially against Lewis Hamilton.

Late braking, cutting chicanes, going off-track, the Haas F1 driver vying for the eighth place point tried everything… perhaps too much. So much so, he accumulated a total of 35 seconds in penalties (four penalties, including three of 10 seconds each).

“All the penalties were well deserved, there’s no doubt about that,” Magnussen admitted after the race.

“But I had to play the game, a stupid game.”

“I was there in a very good position behind Nico [Hulkenberg, his teammate at Haas]. At the start of the race, I gained a lot of positions and was in eighth place.”

“I was defending well against Lewis because I had Nico’s DRS and I had a good pace.”

“Then Nico cut the chicane and I lost the DRS. Nico could have given it back to me to give me the DRS and protect me, and then we could easily have been seventh and eighth.”

“Instead, I was really vulnerable against Lewis. I started fighting with him like crazy and I had to just create the gap as I did in Jeddah.”

“I started using these stupid tactics that I don’t like doing, but in the end, I did my job as a team player and Nico scored his points because I created that gap for him so Lewis and Tsunoda couldn’t catch up.”

“It’s not at all how I like to race, but that’s what I had to do today.”

Lewis Hamilton held no grudge against Magnussen at the finish.

“I was fighting to get past the Haas, it was a tough battle but I enjoyed having at least someone to fight with.”

“I think it’s quite honest of him. We had a good race. It was a bit tough in places but that’s what I love. I love racing hard and, for me, I wasn’t really frustrated or anything.”

“That’s what you do to work as a team so well done.”

Magnussen's stupid Game Strategy Against Hamilton

Magnussen’s ‘Stupid Game’ Strategy Against Hamilton. Magnussen’s ‘Stupid Game’ Strategy Against Hamilton

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