Liberty Media MotoGP Acquisition

Liberty Media Eyes MotoGP Acquisition Since 2017


Since 2017, Liberty Media aims to acquire MotoGP, sparking interest and potential joint events with Formula 1.

We recently reported that F1 and MotoGP were open to the idea of hosting a joint event of the two world championships.

This speculation has now gained momentum, with the Spanish economic newspaper Expansion reporting that Liberty Media is in talks with Bridgepoint, the current owner of MotoGP’s Dorna Sports.

Bridgepoint, not actively seeking to sell Dorna, values its MotoGP ownership at $4 billion. According to Expansion, Liberty’s interest in Dorna has also piqued the curiosity of other giants such as Amazon, Netflix, and Disney, along with venture capital funds CVC (former owners of F1 during the Ecclestone era) and KKR.

MotoGP chief Carmelo Ezpeleta confirmed the sale rumors last December, stating, “the signs are always there.”

“I confirm the rumors, but I’d like to know who’s spreading them. Also, because I receive two or three calls daily from credit institutions asking if it’s true we’re for sale.”

“But these banks don’t want to buy; they’re offering their services as intermediaries.”

At this stage, it remains rumors. Undoubtedly, such an acquisition would attract the attention of antitrust authorities, even though F1 and MotoGP are not direct competitors.

Liberty Media MotoGP Acquisition. Liberty Media MotoGP Acquisition


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