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Stroll’s Quest for Consistency: Aiming High in 2024


Lance Stroll eyes a triumphant return this F1 season, leveraging lessons learned and winter testing to aim for consistent performance and victories.

This year, the Canadian is better prepared ahead of the season’s first Grand Prix… not least because this time, he participated in the winter testing (he was injured last year with broken wrists).

Will we then see a Lance Stroll 2.0 this year, akin to a Valtteri Bottas 2.0 of the past…?

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say a Lance Stroll 2.0, but winter is always a good time to reflect on how you can be a better race driver, approach race weekends in a better way, and enhance your strengths and weaknesses.”

“The F1 season is now so long and intense. The winter break is a chance to reset… It’s an opportunity to think about how you can become a better driver both physically and mentally – it’s a good time for reflection.”

“It was quite a crazy mission to participate in the first race after everything that happened (after my injury). I’ve thought about it and learned some lessons. It’s one of the greatest things I’ve achieved in my life: facing that adversity at the start of a season where everything was set up, where the car was very competitive in testing, but I was in the hospital. Far from ideal, but we found a solution and made a comeback.”

“It was a very hectic weekend for everyone on the team in Bahrain last year: the mechanics pulled me out of the car, dragged me by the seat of my pants across the garage; my physio loaded me up during debriefs with ice bags and all sorts of things. Having that injury for the whole first part of the season wasn’t ideal, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It was a great story in the end, but I don’t need to repeat it. I’ve done it once and am happy to go into testing in one piece this year and have a smooth season.”

This year, what is Lance Stroll’s goal? Will it be possible to start 2024 as strong as 2023 for Aston Martin F1?

“We ended the season strongly. It was fun to compete in those last races, kick some ass, and secure good results in Brazil and Vegas. I’ve trained hard and prepared well. I’m ready to start the season in Bahrain.”

“We aim to continue the momentum from last year. We had a very competitive car last year, but not everywhere. It was very strong on some tracks, but on others, we struggled. We want to perform consistently this year.”

“Last year, we were very strong during the first five, six, seven races, then other teams caught up. We made a strong comeback at the end, but we weren’t as strong throughout the season as at the beginning. So, we want to consistently fight for good points, podiums, and a first win in green.”

And what if Lance Stroll clinches Aston Martin F1’s first Grand Prix win in F1?

“Yes, I’ve come close to winning once or twice over the years, but not really since we’ve been Aston Martin. I led for a while at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix and we had some moments at Monza that year, where we might have made it. Winning in Formula 1 is not easy, but I’ll give it everything I’ve got, and maybe this year…”

And if it’s Fernando Alonso who secures this first victory for Aston Martin F1?

“I’d be happy for the team, regardless of who wins, but obviously, I’d want it to be me. It’s more fun that way!”

The same Fernando Alonso had said there was a ‘possibility’ for Lance Stroll to become a world champion one day…

“I hope he’s right!”

Stroll responds to criticism about his status

Race after race, Lance Stroll still faces a reputation as a ‘daddy’s boy,’ due to his father, Lawrence Stroll, owning the Aston Martin F1 team…

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it’s on the track where I do my talking. I’ve had an incredible journey in motorsport with my father. From the days of karting, through the junior formulas, and now in Formula 1, what we’ve achieved together is amazing.”

“His vision and passion for the sport, for Aston Martin, are truly amazing; it’s super exciting to be a part of it and to see how much we’ve already grown as a team over the last four years. And the future is even more exciting.”

Stroll Aston Martin Victory. Stroll Aston Martin Victory


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