Lewis Hamilton's Loyalty to Mercedes

Windsor on Hamilton’s Mercedes Loyalty: No Space at Red Bull


Former team manager and Formula 1 journalist Peter Windsor understands why Lewis Hamilton remains loyal to Mercedes. According to Windsor, the seven-time world champion knows all too well that his spot at the German racing team is the only option if he wants a shot at an eighth title, as there’s no room for him at competing teams. Nevertheless, the Formula 1 journalist noted that Hamilton isn’t faring too badly at Mercedes.

Hamilton and Mercedes were for years the golden combination of Formula 1. Since the advent of the hybrid era in 2014, the German racing team has clinched no fewer than eight constructors’ titles, with Hamilton securing six of his seven world championships behind the wheel of a Mercedes car.

However, 2021 brought the long-awaited turning point, as Red Bull Racing, along with Max Verstappen, demonstrated for the first time since 2013 that they were serious contenders for the titles. The rest is history: Verstappen dazzled in 2023 with the most dominant season in the history of the sport, while Mercedes struggled to keep pace with the Austrian racing team. Despite all setbacks, Hamilton remains faithful to the team.

No Room for Hamilton at the Competition.

Windsor, speaking in a live chat on his YouTube channel, expressed that he finds the seven-time world champion’s choice to remain with Mercedes quite understandable. “His loyalty is remarkable,” noted the Formula 1 journalist, “though it’s always a question whether it’s the wise choice. But I think we need to consider how he views the situation.” Windsor suggests that currently, Hamilton has few alternative options to consider if he contemplates a move. “From his perspective, he has limited choices. Where can he go if he doesn’t stay loyal to Mercedes and decides to switch?”

The Formula 1 journalist anticipates that Hamilton is also aware that there will be no room for him at the biggest rivals, who are also best positioned to fight for the titles. “He can’t go to Red Bull, as there’s simply no space for him there.

They won’t put him alongside Verstappen as a teammate. Mercedes might not be as good as McLaren right now, but if we look at the long term, Mercedes is likely to bounce back within the next six months to a year. At Ferrari, things are very political, and they simply aren’t as good as Mercedes.” In other words, the only logical choice for Hamilton is to extend his contract with the German racing team, which he has done.

Possible Light at the End of the Tunnel for Mercedes.

Windsor believes that Hamilton’s decision to stay loyal to Mercedes was a logical one. “It might have been a disciplined, black-and-white, or polarized choice, but emotion likely didn’t play a role in his decision to stay with Mercedes,”

he explains. The Formula 1 journalist thinks it’s highly probable that the German racing team will turn the tide sooner or later, and Hamilton is secretly hoping for this. “Three times is the charm, as he must be thinking. He probably doesn’t expect the team to produce a bad car three years in a row, so based on the law of averages, it should be a good car.”

Regardless, Windsor anticipates that the seven-time world champion will view the situation differently after significant improvements during the 2023 season finale. According to the Formula 1 journalist, Hamilton performed slightly better than teammate George Russell in the last few races of the past season, yielding positive results. “I believe he is satisfied with his level at the moment,

” Windsor began. “He’s found a good rhythm and seemed to outperform Russell, at least in the final few race weekends of 2023. That must have given him a good amount of confidence for the off-season.”

Lewis Hamilton’s Loyalty to Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton’s Loyalty to Mercedes

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