Krack Defends Stroll Against Rival Teams' Critiques

Krack Defends Stroll Against Rival Teams’ Critiques


Aston Martin’s Mike Krack stands up for Lance Stroll, addressing the ongoing disrespect from rival Formula 1 teams.

Rival Formula 1 teams are often “disrespectful” and “unfair” towards Lance Stroll.

This is the claim of Aston Martin F1 boss Mike Krack amid constant suggestions inside and outside the F1 paddock that Stroll does not deserve to be on the current grid.

The Canadian is the son of the team owner, billionaire Lawrence Stroll, which, according to Krack, puts additional pressure on Lance.

“I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself. But you have to understand that when he has such a strong teammate.”

“In addition to that, there’s this whole project that’s been built around him. And the way he handles it is exemplary. It’s certainly not easy.”

However, some insist that it’s time for Aston Martin – which recently extended Fernando Alonso for the new era of rules in 2026 – to start moving away from Lance Stroll.

Yuki Tsunoda and Honda make no secret of their desire to continue their partnership in Formula 1 beyond the end of the current Red Bull era with the Japanese manufacturer.

Krack was asked about the fact that teams and drivers in the pack often joke that they are locked in an ongoing battle with Stroll for the last point at each Grand Prix.

“In my opinion, it’s disrespectful,” insists the Aston Martin team boss. “And also unfair.”

“If you look at his progress over the past few years, he has managed his duel with Sebastian (Vettel) well. He has also done well against Fernando.”

“We still need a bit more consistency. We need to work on that. But I find that statement disrespectful, even if in an environment like Formula 1, I can understand it.”

Some have also suggested that Stroll is exceptionally shielded from criticism by his team.

“No, not at all,” Krack insists. “The criticisms are there. But like with Fernando, we do not express criticisms publicly.”

“The Lance we know in the team is different from the one that might exist in the public’s eyes. That’s one of the reasons why we need to defend him when the criticism comes from outside.”

“He’s a very hard worker. He doesn’t just show up at the last minute and get in the car, as the stereotype would suggest.”

Krack Defends Stroll Against Rival Teams' Critiques

Krack Defends Stroll Against Rival Teams’ Critiques. Krack Defends Stroll Against Rival Teams’ Critiques

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