Norris Confident of More F1 Wins This Year

Norris Confident of More F1 Wins This Year


McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris expresses certainty about achieving more victories this season, bolstered by a recent win and improvements in the team’s performance.

Lando Norris is sure that more victories will follow his first in Formula 1 nearly two weeks ago in Miami.

After the latest McLaren evolution helped him win the Grand Prix, Norris expects more to come.

“Things are getting better. But we still need to improve before we can do this every weekend,” the British driver shared before Imola.

“This will definitely not be a one-time win, but it’s not something we can achieve every weekend. However, if things go well in terms of optimizing our strengths and settings, there will be several opportunities this year for one or more victories, I’m certain of it.”

“Some weekends, the car performs well, and you feel confident, you can attack. The next weekend might be a bit worse for you or the car, and it’s not so good. But that’s the sport when you don’t have a clearly dominating F1.”

Norris has been driving for McLaren since his debut in F1 five years ago, which made this victory particularly special in the days that followed.

“I think it’s really much more enjoyable having been with the same team. It’s not like I just switched to a team that knows how to win right away. It gave me a lot of pride in the days following the victory.”

“We’ve had a lot of difficulties over the past few years. We’ve experienced many highs and lows. We’ve had good times, others bad. A year ago in Miami, we didn’t even make it to the second part of the qualifiers; we were so bad. But there have been many changes and a lot of hard work, and to go from where we were last year to the top step is quite crazy.”

After lifting the trophy on the podium and taking numerous photos with it, he reveals that he had to give it back to McLaren as it is kept by the team at the factory.

“It’s always been that way at McLaren, it’s in the contract. I have to get and buy a replica… at my own expense.”

And although he doesn’t know exactly how much he will have to spend, Norris indicated that the amount was around 50,000 euros!

Norris Confident of More F1 Wins This Year

Norris Confident of More F1 Wins This Year. Norris Confident of More F1 Wins This Year

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