Kick Sauber C44 Evolution

Kick Sauber C44: Aggressive Evolution Sparks Bahrain Buzz


Amidst the Bahrain circuit, Stake F1’s Kick Sauber C44 debuts with significant upgrades, showcasing the team’s ambitious drive for the season.

Stake F1 is pleased to have launched a reasonably performing single-seater at the start of the season, but the team is immediately focusing on developments. James Key, the technical director, confirms that the Kick Sauber C44 features new elements this weekend in Bahrain.

“The launch specification is good,” Key stated. “The specification for the first race is something new. It’s not entirely visible, not everything, obviously, but there will be new components on the car at the first race. Then, we’ll see new elements in the following races.”

“For a small team, we’re very aggressive. The team has responded brilliantly to a significant demand. We’re pulling together and looking for ways to achieve it, even though we really need more staff or resources. But we will continue on this path.”

The team does not rule out slowing down its development at some point in the season to release a real complete evolution of the car later in the year.

“We’ll assess where we are, and we might either continue on this path or step back and think about taking our time for the next step, and maybe have a more significant step later. But yes, as things stand, we’re adopting a pretty aggressive approach at the start of the year.”

Kick Sauber C44 Evolution. Kick Sauber C44 Evolution


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