Jordan Speculates on Newey’s Potential F1 Retirement

Jordan Speculates on Newey’s Potential F1 Retirement


Eddie Jordan discusses Adrian Newey’s future in F1, hinting at possible retirement but noting uncertainty.

Eddie Jordan, manager of Adrian Newey, has been friends with him for many years, initially as individuals in the F1 paddock, then as collaborators, and even as neighbors. The former team boss explains that he tried to recruit Newey as early as the mid-90s, unsuccessfully, and commends the British engineer’s integrity.

“I remember going to his house and leaving him a half-million-dollar check in hopes that it would be enough to convince him to come work as a designer at Jordan. That didn’t happen; he went to McLaren,” Jordan recalls.

“When I think about the time I’ve known him, because he was at Leyton House in the late ’80s and into the ’90s, so it’s been a very long time, about thirty years, and I’ve never heard anyone speak ill of him, which is often indicative of the caliber of person he is.

“Some would say he is brilliant when he has a pencil in his hand, and becomes a very normal, calm, and quiet man when he doesn’t. And I think that’s exactly who he is. Whatever his decision, we wish him the best of luck.”

“I’m not going to pretend to be unsure in this case, and I’m not going to say what is probably my advice, but you know, we talk a lot. We do a lot of cycling. I saw him almost every day for two or three months this winter.”

“We are, so to speak, immediate neighbors, so there are certain things I know and certain things he knows about me. But you know, my lips are sealed; you won’t get a word out of me!”

Jordan thinks that Newey might aspire to a well-deserved retirement, and that is certainly the decision he would make personally. That’s what he imagines him doing, even though Ferrari is a likely option for Newey’s near future.

“If I were him? Remember, he’s been under constant pressure at Red Bull. If he wants some time to rest, everyone will understand, and I think it’s more likely he will do that rather than pursuing other career options. Things have slightly changed, he’s gotten a bit older. But who knows what Adrian might still have up his sleeve?”

Jordan Speculates on Newey’s Potential F1 Retirement

Jordan Speculates on Newey’s Potential F1 Retirement. Jordan Speculates on Newey’s Potential F1 Retirement

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