Villeneuve Ferrari Should've Paired Sainz Hamilton

Villeneuve: Ferrari Missed a Trick Not Pairing Sainz with Hamilton for 2025


Ferrari’s decision to partner Hamilton with Leclerc in 2025 rather than Sainz sparks debate among F1 legends.

Two former Formula 1 drivers have questioned Ferrari’s decision to pick Charles Leclerc over Carlos Sainz for 2025 and beyond.

Sainz, 29, is currently without a seat for the upcoming season but is one of the biggest names available in the transfer market and could join Audi F1, Mercedes F1, or Red Bull if the star-branded team succeeds in poaching Max Verstappen.

His impressive form alongside Leclerc in his final season with Ferrari so far in 2024 leads some to wonder if Ferrari chose the wrong driver to pair with Lewis Hamilton.

“He is undoubtedly beating Leclerc right now,” stated 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve. “People are starting to realize he’s a serious contender.”

“He is mature and dedicated, smart, hardworking, which makes the difference. Talent alone is not enough.”

Villeneuve thinks Ferrari is already divided over Sainz’s ousting at the end of the year.

“There are two sides at Ferrari. One wanted Hamilton and the other wanted to keep Leclerc. So, Sainz was the sacrificial lamb.”

“Ironically, Sainz will probably end up in a better situation. One has to wonder if they’re thinking, ‘What have we done?'”

There is no doubt about Leclerc’s talent, the 26-year-old having secured a new multi-year contract with Ferrari earlier this year.

However, former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos said: “Leclerc is too nice to be a world champion.”

“He doesn’t seem tough enough when I look at the mistakes he makes and how he interacts with the engineers. Having a Hamilton or a Verstappen alongside him is not feasible.”

“If Ferrari produces the best car next year, then Hamilton will devour him.”

Villeneuve Ferrari Should've Paired Sainz Hamilton

Villeneuve Ferrari Should’ve Paired Sainz Hamilton. Villeneuve Ferrari Should’ve Paired Sainz Hamilton

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