Verstappen Could Revitalize Mercedes F1 Team

Verstappen Could Revitalize Mercedes F1 Team


Ralf Schumacher believes Max Verstappen’s skills could be key to revitalizing Mercedes F1.

F1 is in the midst of a hectic and unusually early “silly season,” sparked by Lewis Hamilton’s announcement in February of his move to Ferrari in 2025.

At Mercedes F1, Toto Wolff is still campaigning for Max Verstappen to replace Hamilton—and Ralf Schumacher says he can really see it happening.

“New regulations will come into effect in 2026. Fifty percent of the power will be electric. Mercedes is expected to perform well while there are big question marks over Red Bull.”

“With the ongoing power struggle at Red Bull, I’d certainly think about it if I were him. The idea of getting a team like Mercedes back on track would be appealing to him.”

“And he can really do it,” Schumacher added. “Max has an incredible feel for a car and can get those extra three tenths that even a Hamilton or an Alonso can’t find.”

As for other key players in the “silly season,” Schumacher believes that several important seats could become available for 2025.

“It’s still early but Logan Sargeant needs to worry about his cockpit. He makes too many mistakes and costs the team too much with all his accidents.”

“But Pierre Gasly has also not been convincing this year.”

Gasly currently drives for Alpine, for which Ralf’s own nephew, Mick Schumacher, races in the top category of the World Endurance Championship and at Le Mans.

Ralf Schumacher admits that his nephew Mick is probably on his last chances to pursue his Formula 1 dream.

“What definitely plays in Mick’s favor is that he knows the current car generation and has experience. It’s also clear that if it doesn’t work out for him next year, the Formula 1 chapter will probably be closed.”

“But he has a chance. A cockpit will probably be free at Williams, possibly two at Haas, and Mick’s name will likely also be discussed at Alpine.”

Verstappen Could Revitalize Mercedes F1 Team

Verstappen Could Revitalize Mercedes F1 Team. Verstappen Could Revitalize Mercedes F1 Team

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