Jordan Advocates Albon Return f1 Red bull 2025

Eddie Jordan’s Insight on Albon’s Potential Return


Eddie Jordan advocates for Alex Albon‘s return to Red Bull, praising his current form and potential as Verstappen’s teammate in Formula 1.

Eddie Jordan believes Red Bull should give Alex Albon another chance. The Thai driver is currently performing well for Williams F1, but according to the former Formula 1 boss, he would be an ideal teammate for Max Verstappen, as he has enough experience to avoid a difficult season like in 2021.

“I have a soft spot for Albon,” Jordan stated. “In the right situations, I believe he could be really impressive. Giving him a chance alongside Max at some point is something I’d like, as he could be a big surprise.”

Asked about his ideal driver pairing if he couldn’t hire Verstappen, Jordan would bet on experience by teaming up a challenging duo: “I would put Lewis Hamilton, for sure. He’s a winning machine. I would pair him with Fernando Alonso, just to see.”

“When we talk about great rivalries, they didn’t really get along when they were teammates at McLaren the first time, but what about today, with Lewis at 39 and Fernando at 42?”

“But if it’s not someone like Fernando, I would choose a young rookie who would learn from Lewis for the future. It could be Oscar Piastri, George Russell, Charles Leclerc. They are all great drivers.”

Even considering a younger driver, he leans towards Leclerc: “I’m a big fan of Leclerc. I would probably put him. Lewis would be very hard to overlook, but I would think longer term. So, I wouldn’t have Fernando Alonso and I wouldn’t necessarily have Lewis.”

Jordan Advocates Albon Return To Red Bull F1 Team. Jordan Advocates Albon Return To Red Bull F1 Team.

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