Marko Suggests Hamilton Spotted Issues at Mercedes F1

Marko Suggests Hamilton Spotted Issues at Mercedes F1


Dr. Helmut Marko reveals his surprise over Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected switch to Ferrari, foreseeing a potential weakening for Mercedes in the F1 landscape.

Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, concedes that Lewis Hamilton’s shocking move to Ferrari in 2025 took him by surprise as well and sees it as a “weakening for Mercedes.”

“It completely caught me off guard,” he states today, while Red Bull is set to unveil its RB20 tonight at 8:30 PM.

“I’m puzzled about how it came to be.”

“Mercedes was outperformed by Ferrari towards the end of 2023, and McLaren was also faster. Perhaps Hamilton noticed something that the outside world is yet unaware of.”

“It doesn’t change anything for us, other than I view it as a weakening of Mercedes. Whether it strengthens Ferrari remains to be seen.”

“Overall, it has an incredible impact, even on stock prices. It’s fantastic for F1 when something this big happens.”

Marko elaborates on why Hamilton’s departure might disrupt Mercedes.

“Normally, in such a scenario, your mind is already more focused on the new team. The current team can’t then involve him in serious innovations because he would obviously take them with him.”

“Russell will no longer make way for Hamilton. Niki Lauda once told me that Lewis liked to be pampered, if I may put it that way. I know he also enjoys being praised by Toto Wolff. Even during the psychological duel with Rosberg, he proved too sensitive and lost the 2016 title because of it.”

“All this is great for the sport,” Marko adds with a smile: “Better than Netflix!”

When asked about Max Verstappen’s reaction to the news, he smiled again: “Max was just amused.”

Hamilton Spotted Issues at Mercedes F1. Hamilton Spotted Issues at Mercedes F1


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