Damon Hill on Lewis Hamilton's Career

Hamilton Chooses Ferrari for Career Change Spark


Damon Hill reveals Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari from Mercedes marks a deliberate career pivot, seeking new challenges. Unlike Hill’s forced exit from Williams, Hamilton’s move is a strategic choice for growth.

According to Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes F1 for Ferrari indicates that the seven-time world champion was looking for a change of plan in his career. The 1996 champion contrasts this with his own departure from Williams when the team did not give him a choice after his world title.

“Lewis has taken control of his career and its direction,” said Hill. “It’s not as if Mercedes told him ‘we’ve signed someone else’, which is what happened to me.

“But I think this decision, we know it’s a no-brainer with the benefits of the Ferrari brand and all the other things that come with it, the romance, the history, and all that, it’s a no-brainer.”

However, the British driver does not believe Hamilton was only attracted by Ferrari’s prestige but also by its recent progress: “But I think there’s more to it than that, namely, I thought there was evidence that Ferrari was starting to solidify as a competitive team.”

“They were beginning to put the components together and get results. And I think if you had the choice between Mercedes giving you the same equipment and Ferrari, I’d rather go to Ferrari and try something different.”

Hamilton Ferrari Career Move. Hamilton Ferrari Career Move

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