Hill Believes Norris Ready for F1 World Title 2024

Hill Believes Norris Ready for F1 World Title


Damon Hill asserts Lando Norris has the potential to win the Formula 1 World Championship, given the right conditions and car from McLaren, rivaling the likes of Hamilton and Verstappen.

Damon Hill is convinced that Lando Norris can aim for the World Championship title, as long as McLaren F1 provides him with the right conditions and car. He believes his compatriot can compete at the level of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“I think he’s in the leading group,” said the 1996 World Champion, clarifying that “the leading group includes Lewis and Max, and then there’s a very close group of drivers who are very, very good.”

“He’s the one you look at and say ‘okay, in the right opportunity, the right situation, he’s a championship winner, no doubt a Grand Prix winner’. I know he hasn’t done one yet, but he’s going to, right? They just need to give him a bit more speed in that McLaren.”

Hill did not think a team would make a leap forward similar to McLaren’s in 2023: “It was a real surprise, honestly, because we’ve seen teams struggling in the midfield constantly talking about progress, but they never do it, do they?”

“McLaren did it. They took something that wasn’t working, fixed it, and went in the other direction. And they’ve built on that foundation, they have a great team and a lot of confidence in the team for the future.”

The victory “will come” with no problem

According to the former driver, Norris might be slowed down, even unconsciously, by the absence of a Formula 1 victory. This, he believes, also explains some errors made by his young compatriot, in addition to the pressure Oscar Piastri may sometimes put on him.

“I think what’s costing him is the shadow of his first victory. You know, he’s just pushing because he needs, he wants, he deserves that first F1 win – and he’s just not driving with the necessary timing.”

“It will come, he has the quality, it’s not a problem, but I think he just needs to calm down at some point in the weekend – there’s always a moment when he’s over-revving. I don’t think Oscar is putting pressure on him.”

“I don’t think Oscar is putting pressure on him. Oscar is very good, obviously a very strong teammate, but he doesn’t seem to be disturbed by him. He just has this anxiety to win, and to win quickly.”

Hill Believes Norris Ready for F1 World Title 2024. Hill Believes Norris Ready for F1 World Title 2024

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