Hamilton Mercedes Final Season

Hamilton’s Final Mercedes Season: Aiming for Top


In his last season with Mercedes before joining Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton seeks to fulfill a dream by ending on a high and propelling the team back to the pinnacle of Formula 1 racing.

Hamilton aims to fulfill his ‘dream’ in his final season with Mercedes F1, striving to “end on a high note” and assist the team in “climbing back to the top.” Before his highly publicized move to Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton stated it would be “his dream” and “the greatest honor” to conclude his last season at Mercedes by aiding them in reclaiming their top position in Formula 1 standings.

Two weeks ago, Hamilton sent shockwaves through the paddock when it was announced that this year’s championship would be his 12th and final as a Mercedes driver. He decided to cut short his two-year contract to join Ferrari on a multi-year deal starting in 2025.

After unveiling his Mercedes W15 on the Silverstone track under continuous rain yesterday, the seven-time world champion shared his goals… without explicitly mentioning an 8th world title.

“I feel more motivated and focused than ever. Every year, you come back feeling as if you’re fitter than ever and all that. But I truly believe I’ve put in more work, more time, and more focus on preparing this year.”

Hamilton’s Dream: Ending High with Mercedes

“I never thought at this stage in my life, I’d be as hungry for success as I am now.”

“And to finish on a high note with the team would be a dream. I want to achieve it. We’ve been through so much together. So, ending on a good note would be the greatest honor to help them rise back to the top.”

After the launch day and running session, Mercedes F1 will head to Bahrain next week for the three-day pre-season test starting on February 21st. It will be the first time the W15 shares the track with its rivals.

“Ah, next week! I’m already really excited. We get to Bahrain, two weeks before the first race, and that’s when you get to see all the other cars come out of the garage.”

“You get to see, compare and observe the details between different cars, then you experience it with other cars on the track.”

“But most importantly, you discover what the car feels like in terms of handling, and every year, there’s a different characteristic.”

“So it’s about discovering those characteristics, then figuring out how to perfect and refine them.”

Hamilton Mercedes Final Season. Hamilton Mercedes Final Season


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