Mercedes W15 2024 Unveil

Mercedes F1 Unveils New W15 in Iconic Black for 2024


Mercedes F1 introduces the W15, sporting its iconic black color and raw carbon design, promising a significant evolution for the 2024 season.

Mercedes F1 has unveiled its brand-new W15 for the 2024 season. As expected, the team has retained black as the base color, resulting in a car that is predominantly in raw carbon, similar to 2023.


The Petronas colors continue to feature on the cars of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, which are mainly black but with gray on the nose. The Mercedes stars are larger in size on the engine cover.

Technically, the W15 represents a logical evolution as the team has started from a completely new base for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, with the W13 and W14 not living up to expectations due to a zero-pod concept that never reached its full potential.

Mercedes W15 2024 Unveil

Mercedes W15 2024 Unveil. Mercedes W15 2024 Unveil

“It’s been a busy winter, and it will be our last season with Lewis [Hamilton], so we’re eager to bring a fast car to the table, and we’ve worked intensely,” stated Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes F1, as he described the team’s intense winter.

“It’s been incredible; I don’t recall us ever being this excited to get the car started. We realized it’s a new car launch that’s very different, both aerodynamically and mechanically, and we’re hopeful that it will reflect in the performance.”

“The best moment” of the season

Mercedes sports a slightly revised identity, with a return to the brand’s grey, and Wolff is pleased to finally show it off: “This is the best moment because during the winter, many people worked on the car.”

“We see it in the wind tunnel, we see the designs, and then we see it in front of us, and for me, looking at the livery, we’ve taken a step back towards silver. The combination of Petronas blue, silver, and black, which we’ve had for a long time and will keep, along with red, is a beautiful success.”

Mercedes now aims to leave behind two challenging seasons since the arrival of the new F1s: “We missed the mark at the start of the new regulations, but if you look back, you’ll see that we finished first eight times in a row, then third and second in the constructors’, so that’s respectable and not bad.”

“Our goal is to solidify our positions against Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin, and to be at the front of this group while catching up to the front. We also know it’s tough because we’re behind our rivals, but we like this challenge, and that’s why we’re eager.”

Mercedes W15 2024 Unveil

“A mountain to climb” after 2022 and 2023

The Austrian elaborates on Mercedes’ focus, particularly on the correlation issues that have plagued the team in the last two seasons. However, Wolff hopes the team will leave these bad memories behind.

“The most important thing is to look at what we did wrong, why the virtual world wasn’t correlating with the real world. And I think we’ve found clues to eliminate as many variables as possible.”

“We know it’s difficult, that there’s a big mountain to climb, as one team is far ahead. But we have the best driver duo, a car we hope is fast, a team that’s worked hard, and we hope that will bring us back to the front.”

“The goal is to do a good job, to have a car on the track that’s predictable, has a lot of downforce, and a good engine. We want to achieve our objectives to give Lewis and George a car they love to drive and that’s not as difficult as in the past years.”

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