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Hamilton to Ferrari Shakes Up F1 Transfer Market


Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari has dramatically reshaped the F1 transfer scene, with key impacts on drivers and teams.

Hamilton’s signing with Ferrari means “the transfer market has already blown up,” admits Aston Martin F1’s boss.

Mike Krack is aware that his driver, Fernando Alonso, is likely to be among the names shortlisted by Mercedes F1 to replace Hamilton in 2025.

Alonso, aged 42, will see his current contract with Aston Martin expire this year, making him available for Mercedes should the team decide to reach out.

“With Lewis’s signing, the whole market has exploded! We knew there would be a silly season this year. But we haven’t even put a wheel on the track and the drivers’ market is already in full swing,” Krack explains.

F1’s Tense Wait: Alonso’s Future Uncertain

“Believe me, everyone is already very jittery behind the scenes, and managers are getting busy much earlier than expected because no one wants to be caught off guard.”

“It’s difficult for teams to wait, and yet we don’t even know what our new F1s are worth on the track yet.”

“On our part, as we said at the launch, we love Fernando. We have an excellent relationship based on openness and trust.”

However, Krack might rely on the willingness (publicly stated by Toto Wolff) to wait a few months before deciding. This could give drivers like Alonso a glimpse of Aston Martin F1’s progress over the winter.

“It would be fantastic if we could continue until 2025 or even 2026 with him. That’s our goal, and it’s his top priority, as he has said. We had great moments in 2023. Perhaps even more in 2024, that’s our wish, and his too.”

“If we achieve this, it will give Fernando even more confidence in this project that he has been building with us for now 16 months.”

Hamilton Ferrari F1 Impact. Hamilton Ferrari F1 Impact


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