RB F1 VCARB 01 Launch

VCARB 01: RB F1’s Fresh Start with Laurent Mekies


RB F1 debuted its new VCARB 01 in Misano, marking a fresh start under Laurent Mekies and CEO Peter Bayer’s leadership.

RB F1 launched its brand-new single-seater on the track during the shakedown of the VCARB 01 at Misano. Laurent Mekies, the team’s new principal, is thrilled to return to the team where he once worked as an engineer and praises the restructuring carried out under the direction of CEO, Peter Bayer.

“It’s a very special moment because I have many incredible memories with this team from over a decade ago. It’s an amazing feeling to be back here and to be able to work again with the incredible talents in Faenza and Bicester,” Mekies stated.

“We have a unique structure for team management at RB F1. Peter and I work hand in hand to manage the team, and each of us has our own responsibilities. Peter handles the business side of the company, the commercial aspects, and I take care of the sporting, technical, and production side.”

Bayer, for his part, is delighted to have officially launched this new era: “We’ve witnessed the birth of a new team, RB F1, which is not just the evolution of a Formula 1 team, it’s a new team fighting for its place on the grid. We had a great event in Las Vegas that combined music, entertainment, and sport.”

RB F1: New Experiences, Music, and Sport

Ricciardo RB F1 Misano Season

“RB F1 will bring a new experience to fans. We want to ensure that we help to democratize the sport by creating numerous events around the Formula 1 Grand Prix, with music, action, and attractions for fans, so they can engage with the team, with the drivers, and with other fans.”

“And at the same time, we believe, along with our partners, that there are two languages, which are sport and music. Bringing the two together is another element we want to add to the F1 calendar.”

“Maximizing” the VCARB 01

Jody Egginton, the technical director, sets rather vague objectives for the team’s debut under its new identity. The goal is clearly to perform better than under the name AlphaTauri and to manage development more effectively.

“We want to be competitive and fight in the midfield, extract all the performance from the car, and develop it from there. If we tick all these boxes and maximize the car’s potential, we will be happy. And we aim to develop it well, starting from the first race,” the engineer indicated.

“You know, F1 is very competitive at the moment, it’s very tight, we had a very good end to last season and we hope to be in that midfield and fighting more regularly for points by maximizing the car’s and our own potential.”

RB F1 VCARB 01 Launch. RB F1 VCARB 01 Launch


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