Hamilton Bahrain EL2 2024

Hamilton’s EL2: Positive Surprises in Bahrain Test


Uncertain of their standing, Lewis Hamilton and his team emerged from a notably positive EL2 session in Bahrain, defying expectations.

Lewis Hamilton set a superb fastest time today in his Mercedes F1 W15 during the first day of free practice in Bahrain.

It’s a strong pace over a quick lap, but like George Russell, the seven-time world champion is not getting carried away after this first day.

“There was a lot of wind during FP1 and the track was very different from testing. We didn’t exactly know where we would stand compared to everyone else, but we had a positive FP2 session.”

“We made some improvements throughout the session. I don’t understand this lap time, it’s a shock to see us where we are but we’ll take it for now!”

“The car was performing well, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We know there’s still a lot to do, and our pace on the long runs is not worthy of a fight against Red Bulls.”

“Overall, though, I’m much more satisfied with the car than last year. We’ve made some interesting improvements and it feels much more like a race car. It’s a very good platform that we can build on. We just have to keep our heads down and keep racing.”

Hamilton is not really sure what to expect over the next two days at the Bahrain International Circuit.

“I think it’s a bit too early to say, but I think we are roughly with Ferrari, Aston, and McLaren. I’m not exactly sure where but we are with them. Assuming there’s a nice battle among us, then I think if Max is ahead, he will pull away as he has done these past two years.”

Hamilton Bahrain EL2 2024 . Hamilton Bahrain EL2 2024


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