Christian Horner F1 Scandal

Horner Targeted? F1 Scandal Unfolds


An anonymous leak stirs the F1 world, exposing alleged private conversations involving Christian Horner and sparking widespread speculation.

But who is targeting Christian Horner? The case might not be closed yet.

This Thursday afternoon, during the second free practice session, an anonymous email leaked supposed WhatsApp conversations between Horner and the woman who reported inappropriate behavior.

These messages were shared with all media, Formula 1 (Stefano Domenicali), the FIA (Mohammed Ben Sulayem), and the nine F1 team directors. Thus, several hundred people received access to a Google Drive containing 79 documents, a few photos, and screenshots of allegedly compromising messages.

So far, no one has authenticated the documents in question. When asked directly, Red Bull did not confirm whether the documents are real or have been fabricated.

Are these fakes? Or were the messages leaked to show that Red Bull covered up for its boss? Currently, no one has a definitive answer, and we will refrain from taking a stance.

Christian Horner has, in any case, issued an official statement following this supposed leak.

“I will not comment on anonymous speculation, but I repeat, I have always denied these allegations. I have respected the integrity of the independent investigation and have fully cooperated at every stage of the process. It was a thorough and fair investigation conducted by an independent specialist lawyer and it concluded by dismissing the complaint filed. I remain fully focused on the start of the season.”

Christian Horner F1 Scandal. Christian Horner F1 Scandal


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