Haas F1's Strategic Point Win at Jeddah

Komatsu’s Joy: Haas F1’s Perfect Strategy Pays Off


In a thrilling display of strategy and skill, Ayao Komatsu hails Haas F1’s team effort for securing a critical point at Jeddah, led by Hülkenberg’s flawless drive.

Ayao Komatsu is a content man after his team, Haas F1, scored a point at Jeddah thanks to Nico Hülkenberg. The Japanese director emphasizes that nothing is secured in a tightly contested field, especially when four teams have yet to score.

“It was an incredible team effort, and I’m very pleased it was the outcome of excellent collective work,” Komatsu stated. “We were fighting for 10th place, one point, but against eight other drivers, so everything had to be perfect to seize this opportunity.”

Komatsu also praises the strategy of sacrificing Kevin Magnussen to aid Hülkenberg: “Kevin received two penalties, but once we realized he was no longer in contention for points, we made an excellent decision.”

“Kevin drove fantastically to hold the guys behind him while hitting a target lap time, and Nico drove flawlessly to break away. It was a massive team effort, congratulations to everyone, and I’m really looking forward to the next race.”

Haas F1’s Strategic Point Win at Jeddah. Haas F1’s Strategic Point Win at Jeddah


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