Famin Mobilizes Alpine for Improvement

Famin’s Call to Arms: Alpine’s Rally for Improvement


Alpine F1 faced a challenging Jeddah weekend, with early retirements and a fight from the back, highlighting their tenacity and the urgent need for performance improvements.

Alpine F1 experienced another frustrating weekend in Jeddah with both Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly starting from the ninth row. The latter retired early in the race, while Ocon put in a solid performance to climb to a modest 13th place, well above what the A524 seems capable of.

Bruno Famin, the team principal, emphasized that this lack of performance was not unexpected, and that the start of the season has been as challenging as anticipated following a difficult winter and completely failed winter testing.

“We had said that the start of the season would be tough, and the first few weeks have been with the testing and two Grands Prix. Even as developments arrive, we need to understand our performance shortfall,” noted Famin.

“And this Saturday, in the race, we have to investigate the gearbox issue that cost Pierre valuable track time. There’s only one thing to do: continue to work hard together to improve our current situation.”

“Let’s acknowledge the factories in Enstone and Viry as well as the track team for their fantastic spirit and tenacity to quickly advance our performance level. Next stop, Australia.”

Famin Mobilizes Alpine for Improvement. Famin Mobilizes Alpine for Improvement


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