Haas F1 Countersues Steiner Over Trademark Dispute

Haas F1 Countersues Steiner Over Trademark Dispute


Haas F1 launches a legal battle against Günther Steiner, alleging trademark violations in his latest book.

The Haas F1 team has not remained passive in the face of the complaint filed by Günther Steiner, as we revealed two weeks ago (read here).

The ousted boss initiated legal action earlier this month and is suing Haas in North Carolina—where he resides and where Haas is based—for continuing to use his image on merchandise without compensation.

But Haas F1 has retaliated by filing a countersuit, with the full articles being published by the legal information outlet JD Supra.

“The team’s sponsor, Haas Automation, is suing Steiner for alleged infringement of the company’s trademarks during the sale of his book ‘Surviving to Drive’.”

“Haas claims that by infringing on its trademarks, consumers may be misled about the origin, source, sponsorship, or affiliation of Steiner’s book.”

“In 2023, without the authorization or consent of Haas Automation, Steiner wrote, marketed, promoted, sold, distributed, and profited from a publication that illegally used, and continues to use and display, Haas Automation’s trademarks and trade dress for personal financial gain and Steiner’s illicit profit.”

“Haas Automation never consented to Steiner’s use of the Haas Automation trademarks or trade dress on the accused product.”

“Haas Automation had given prior notice to Steiner, but to date, Steiner has taken no action to cease or mitigate his infringing acts, necessitating immediate legal action.”

“Steiner sells and promotes the accused product on various media, including, but not limited to, print and digital, in violation of Haas Automation’s exclusive intellectual property rights.”

“Online information indicates that by January 2024, the accused product had exceeded sales of at least 150,000 units and generated revenues of at least $4,500,000.”

Haas F1 Countersues Steiner Over Trademark Dispute. Haas F1 Countersues Steiner Over Trademark Dispute

Haas F1 Countersues Steiner Over Trademark Dispute
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