Vasseur's Style Key to Attracting Newey to Ferrari

Vasseur’s Style: Key to Attracting Newey to Ferrari?


Amidst speculation, Fred Vasseur’s discreet leadership could be pivotal in drawing Adrian Newey to Ferrari.

Ferrari appears to be the leading team candidate to secure Adrian Newey’s services, but several rivals have also shown interest, starting with Williams.

Aston Martin, Mercedes, and McLaren have not ruled anything out, although it is highly unlikely to see Newey working with Toto Wolff, given the lack of rapport between the two men. However, as with Max Verstappen, time heals many wounds, making the impossible… possible.

Fred Vasseur declined to comment on the speculations linking Newey to his team in Miami.

However, when asked what Newey could “theoretically” bring to his team, he responded with irony: “Theoretically? Okay. Theoretically, I have no comment on that because I know you could write pages on the two words I might say.”

Vasseur is nevertheless praised for his management of Ferrari, maintaining a low profile in public. He has strengthened the team and fostered a genuine atmosphere of motivation—a management style quite different from the past. Could this attract Newey?

“It’s for others to judge my management style. You should ask the people at the company if the leadership is friendly or not. What I want is not to waste energy on the wrong topics, as we have a lot to do internally.”

“We need to improve, we need to evolve, we need to develop the car, and there is a tremendous amount of work on the table.”

“That’s why, at my level, I do not want to waste my energy or time fighting with other team principals in the media. That’s not my approach.”

Vasseur's Style Key to Attracting Newey to Ferrari

Vasseur’s Style: Key to Attracting Newey to Ferrari?. Vasseur’s Style: Key to Attracting Newey to Ferrari?

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