Gradual Progress Alpine's F1 Fight in Melbourne

“Gradual Progress”: Alpine’s F1 Fight in Melbourne


Despite not scoring at the weekend, Alpine F1’s determination, showcased by Ocon’s Q2 performance and the potential for points, marks a pivotal energy boost. The team, under Bruno Famin, pledges ongoing improvements.

The pace of the Alpine F1 drivers this weekend was not enough to score points, but seeing Esteban Ocon reach Q2 and the possibility of him or Pierre Gasly scoring a point has significantly boosted the team’s energy.

“Even though we didn’t score any points, we are making gradual progress,” stated Bruno Famin, the team’s director. “We need to improve in many areas, and we will do so, as it was far from a clean race for both cars in Melbourne.”

Famin emphasizes that the team is undeniably progressing compared to its rivals: “Having said that, we probably maximized the result with what we could control. We must continue to chip away at the gap to our rivals by making progress in all areas.”

“Both drivers continue their collaborative work with the team, and it’s important once again to acknowledge their efforts. The next race will be in Japan, where we aim to continue showing progress.”

“Gradual Progress”: Alpine’s F1 Fight in Melbourne. “Gradual Progress”: Alpine’s F1 Fight in Melbourne


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