Ricciardo's Final F1 Races A Ticking Countdown

Ricciardo’s Final F1 Races: A Ticking Countdown


As Daniel Ricciardo faces a pivotal moment in his F1 career, Red Bull’s shifting support signals a dramatic turn.

Not one to mince words in offering praise, Red Bull’s F1 consultant, Dr. Helmut Marko, has recently reiterated multiple times that Yuki Tsunoda has done enough to retain his spot within the energy drink company’s ranks.

“Franz Tost and I have always believed in him. His issues were a lack of discipline, overreactions, and a tendency to make mistakes. All of that has vanished this season.”

However, the same level of praise is not extended to the former Grand Prix winner, Ricciardo, who at 34, got another chance to continue his career with the junior RB team.

“No, it’s not boring,” the Australian responded when asked about losing Marko’s support. “Obviously, everyone speaks positively when things are going well, and they do not speak as positively when they are not. That’s just part of the problem.”

Nevertheless, the New Zealand Herald reports that Marko has actually told Ricciardo his seat is only guaranteed for the next two races – in Japan and China.

For Miami, Red Bull’s reserve driver – and New Zealander – Liam Lawson could bounce back into his racing seat after impressing when Ricciardo was injured last year.

Rumors suggest that the attempt to revive Ricciardo’s career was actually the idea of Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, and it might be one of the elements in the ongoing power struggle behind the scenes.

“He’s a big boy,” Horner said in Melbourne, “he’ll bounce back. It’s still very early in the year to be thinking about next year.”

Ricciardo also enjoys support within the RB F1 ranks, including from the team’s CEO, Peter Bayer.

“Daniel found his rhythm again after qualifying,” Bayer stated before leaving Melbourne. “We believe that from now on, we can really count on him, and he will understand the car more and more.”

Bayer mentioned that Ricciardo’s current issue is that the 2024 car simply suits the Japanese driver’s style better.

“Yuki brakes later and harder. That’s probably where the secret lies. Balance plays a role here because if you brake hard, some of the aerodynamic downforce is lost. So, it’s up to Daniel to brake harder. That’s where the difference lies at the moment.”

Ricciardo's Final F1 Races A Ticking Countdown

Ricciardo’s Final F1 Races: A Ticking Countdown. Ricciardo’s Final F1 Races: A Ticking Countdown


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