GM Stands Firm After F1 Rejects Andretti Team Bid

GM Stands Firm After F1 Rejects Andretti Team Bid


GM remains determined despite F1’s rejection of Andretti Global as the 11th team. The manufacturer, eyeing a 2028 start with Cadillac, seeks clarity and a path forward in the competitive motorsport landscape.

General Motors (GM) is not ready to back down after Formula 1’s decision to reject Andretti Global as the 11th team.

GM, Andretti Push for F1 Entry

The American manufacturer, which planned to begin with its Cadillac brand as a technical and then engine partner starting in 2028, is somewhat perplexed by the decision, especially since FOM had left the door open for GM… when it would have its own engine.

At Daytona, the Vice President of Performance and Motorsports, Jim Campbell, has not given up on the project, as he shared with AP during the NASCAR season opener.

“As for our application with Andretti, we are pleased with our submission. The FIA reviewed it against other candidates, then provided our application with a vote of confidence and approval.”

“The FOM has made its statement, and we have requested a follow-up meeting with the FOM, so we will address it. We believe that together, Andretti and Cadillac have the capability to field a competitive contender.”

“We’re not saying it’s easy, but both of our organizations have histories of success in other motorsport categories, and this is true for both Cadillac and Andretti.”

“That being said, our joint teams continue to develop our car at a steady pace. So, that’s where we stand.”

GM Seeks Meeting, Unfazed by F1 Stance

Campbell also confirmed that an official meeting with F1 had been requested, noting that an invitation sent during FOM’s review of the application had been missed because it landed in spam!

The F1’s firm stance against Andretti – Cadillac has neither shocked nor discouraged Campbell. As for the 2028 entry date, he believes it cannot be moved forward due to FIA rules.

“As I’ve said, we believe in the application we submitted. And in that application, we articulated Andretti’s capabilities as a racing team and Cadillac’s as a manufacturing and engineering entity.”

“So, we are confident in the application and are requesting a meeting with the FOM.”

“Unfortunately, when you apply to become an engine supplier, there is a deadline, and for us, it was last June for 2028. To come a year earlier, one would have had to apply the previous year for that. It’s simply a matter of regulations.”

GM Stands Firm After F1 Rejects Andretti Team Bid. GM Stands Firm After F1 Rejects Andretti Team Bid


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