F1 Rejects Andretti's 2025 Bid, Open to 2028 Entry

F1 Rejects Andretti’s 2025 Bid, Open to 2028 Entry


Formula 1 has declined Andretti Global’s 2025 entry proposal, citing lack of added value. Liberty Media, however, considers a potential 2028 participation if General Motors contributes its own engine to the championship.

Formula 1 has officially rejected Andretti Global’s bid to join the premier category in 2025. Liberty Media, however, keeps the door open for 2028, provided General Motors brings its own engine.

Despite the FIA approving the team’s entry into its championship, the commercial rights holder, Liberty Media, and the other ten teams vehemently opposed it.

The terms used by the premier category are particularly harsh towards Andretti, stating that the team does not add value to the discipline, and suggesting Andretti’s interest lies in using the F1 brand to increase its own value.

“Our assessment process determined that an 11th team would not add value to the championship,” reads a statement from F1. “The most significant way a newcomer could add value would be by being competitive. We do not believe the applicant (Andretti) would be a competitive participant.”

Following this initial insulting salvo towards Andretti, F1 explains that it rejects teams that would have to become customers of an engine manufacturer. This rule raises questions, as customer teams have always existed in F1, and still make up nearly half of the grid.

“The necessity for a new team to lease a mandatory engine, potentially over several seasons, would damage the prestige and standing of the championship.”

Potential Entry in 2028 with GM

Andretti’s added value is then questioned, both for the brand and its stock value: “While the Andretti name is recognized by F1 fans, our research indicates that the F1 brand would bring more value to Andretti than vice versa.”

Next, F1 presents the argument of space on the circuits, an argument already proven fallacious when Christian Horner, Red Bull’s director, had proposed it.

“The addition of an 11th team would place an operational burden on race promoters, subject them to significant costs, and reduce the technical, operational, and commercial space for other competitors.”

F1 offers Andretti Global an exit in 2028, the time when the next Concorde Agreements will be discussed, on the condition that General Motors enters as an engine manufacturer, not as a commercial partner.

“We would view differently an application for a team’s entry into the 2028 championship with a GM engine, whether it be a GM factory team or a GM customer team with an in-house design.”

“In this case, there would be additional factors regarding the value the applicant would bring to the championship, especially in terms of introducing a new prestigious engine manufacturer to the sport.”

F1 Rejects Andretti’s 2025 Bid, Open to 2028 Entry. F1 Rejects Andretti’s 2025 Bid, Open to 2028 Entry

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