Gasly's Pit Lane Penalty Sparks Melbourne Debate

Gasly’s Pit Lane Penalty Sparks Melbourne Debate


After receiving a penalty for crossing the pit lane line in Melbourne, Alpine F1’s Pierre Gasly calls for clarification, citing misinformation at the drivers’ briefing.

Pierre Gasly incurred a penalty during the race in Melbourne for crossing the line at the end of the pit lane, a mistake he had also made yesterday. The Alpine F1 driver reveals he seeks clarification on this matter, having been misinformed at the drivers’ briefing.

“I will have a conversation with them; we discussed it at the drivers’ briefing. There were dashed lines where we could open up because the pit lane was dangerous, but they added a yellow line on top. I thought I had done the right thing; it’s my fault but it’s not clear,” Gasly noted to Canal+.

However, he believes that this is not the main issue: “It’s anecdotal for our race, it’s pointless to focus on that. I think we need to improve; we are still far from the performance needed to chase points.”

“We have new parts coming next weekend, and I hope it will bring us closer to the front cars. And we know what to focus on, we try to do the best we can with what we have, and I think we managed that today. There are many things to improve and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

When asked about his quick battle with Yuki Tsunoda, when he was on a different strategy, Gasly downplays the significance of this battle: “At that point, we were at the end of the hard tires and he was coming out of the pits so there wasn’t much of a fight.”

“What’s missing is very clear, it’s not one specific thing, it’s everything: it’s mechanical, drag, aerodynamics, and engine power. The team is working on it and a plan has been put in place to improve.”

“But one has to be realistic, it’s Formula 1, patience is necessary. Nobody likes to be patient but it’s essential and I have confidence in the team to find the solutions and improvements we need. It will take time but I have faith in the team.”

Gasly’s Pit Lane Penalty Sparks Melbourne Debate. Gasly’s Pit Lane Penalty Sparks Melbourne Debate


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