Perez With or Without Red Bull Out Ferrari Wins

Perez : Ferrari’s Victory Assured, Red Bull’s Presence Irrelevant


Red Bull faced a challenging Australian Grand Prix, with Verstappen’s brake issues and Perez’s struggle highlighting a weekend of difficulties against Ferrari.

Did Red Bull have the pace to win the Australian Grand Prix? Likely in the case of Max Verstappen, though the Dutchman highlighted that brake issues were among the reasons that allowed Carlos Sainz to overtake him as early as the second lap.

However, the race wouldn’t have been straightforward for him, according to Sergio Perez, who finished only 5th.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t have the pace. I think we struggled at the start. It was evident that Ferrari and McLaren were a step ahead of us.”

“We couldn’t find the right balance in that window. There’s work to be done for the upcoming races. It’s a very specific tarmac, and throughout the weekend, we weren’t able to achieve the best level of grip possible.”

According to him, Max Verstappen would also have had a tough time against Ferrari.

“We managed to overtake our competitors easily, at least in my case, in Sakhir and Jeddah. Not here. And as early as Friday, we knew Ferrari’s race pace would be very good.”

“As a team, we didn’t have the pace throughout the weekend. We were struggling since Friday and never managed to get on top of tire management. We just need to understand and improve.”

“We’ve already seen on a track like this one, like Las Vegas, that Ferrari was stronger than us, and we couldn’t look after our front tires well.”

So, would Ferrari have won if his teammate at Red Bull hadn’t retired?

“Absolutely, let me be clear: yes.”

Perez: With or Without Red Bull Out, Ferrari Wins. Perez: With or Without Red Bull Out, Ferrari Wins


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