Ford Red Bull Horner Resolution

Ford Presses Red Bull on Horner Affair Resolution


Ford CEO Jim Farley demands urgent and transparent action from Red Bull regarding the unresolved Horner affair, stressing the importance of shared values.

Since the onset of what is now referred to as the Horner affair, in which Christian Horner exhibited inappropriate behavior towards a team employee, the nature of which remains undisclosed, Ford has been the sole partner of Red Bull to publicly warn the Milton Keynes team.

A brief statement had requested Red Bull to address this issue, especially as the two companies will be partners starting in 2026. This time, it is Ford’s CEO himself, Jim Farley (pictured right), who has written to Red Bull urging an acceleration in resolving the matter, as the company wishes not to be associated with such issues.

Ford Demands Resolution in Horner Affair

“As we have previously stated, without a satisfactory response, Ford’s values are non-negotiable,” Farley wrote in a letter accessed by the Associated Press. “It is imperative that our racing partners share and demonstrate a genuine commitment to these same values.”

“My team and I are available at any time to discuss this matter. We continue to insist and hope for a resolution that we can all support.”

Farley, requesting “prompt and serious attention” at the end of his letter, toughens his stance towards Red Bull. Ford demands not only that the issue be swiftly resolved but also seeks assurance that nothing has been overlooked or swept under the rug in the investigation.

“However, we are increasingly frustrated by the lack of resolution or clear indication from you as to when you plan to resolve this matter fairly and equitably.

“We are also frustrated by the lack of complete transparency in this matter with us, your business partners, and we eagerly await a full report of all findings.”

Ford Red Bull Horner Resolution. Ford Red Bull Horner Resolution


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