Ford Eyes Red Bull 2026 Deal Amid Horner Probe

Ford Eyes Red Bull 2026 Deal Amid Horner Probe


Ford stands at the threshold of a landmark partnership with Red Bull Racing for the year 2026, casting a vigilant eye over the ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct by Christian Horner. This scrutiny underscores the critical value Ford places on integrity in their forthcoming alliance.

As Ford gears up to become the pivotal engine provider for Red Bull Racing in 2026, it keenly awaits the outcome of the current investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Christian Horner, the distinguished team principal and CEO of Red Bull Racing.

Currently, Horner finds himself at the center of a probe initiated by Red Bull GmbH’s parent entity, following claims from a female employee accusing him of improper conduct.

Enhancing the narrative, The Telegraaf reported yesterday that Horner’s legal representatives attempted to negotiate a settlement regarding the sexual misconduct allegations with the complainant. The newspaper, claiming access to messages that support the accuser’s claims, reported that an offer of 750,000 euros was made in early February to settle the dispute amicably, yet was ultimately rejected.

Horner Denies Allegations, Ford Maintains Vigilance

Horner has categorically denied all allegations against him, and amid the unveiling of the RB20, emphasized that operations continue as usual while the investigation is underway.

Ford, on the brink of becoming Red Bull’s technical engine partner in 2026, with Mark Rushbrook, the global director of Ford Performance Motorsport, asserting his attentiveness to the unfolding situation.

“As a corporation that prides itself on being family-oriented and maintaining the highest standards of conduct and integrity, we expect a similar ethos from our partners,” Rushbrook conveyed to AP Sports on the eve of the NASCAR season opener at the Daytona 500.

“It has been communicated to us, and from our understanding, Red Bull is addressing this matter with the seriousness it deserves. Their commitment to maintaining their brand’s integrity is clear.”

“This has led them to commission an independent investigation, and until the truth of the matter is established, it would be premature for us to pass any judgment on the situation.”

Ford Eyes Red Bull 2026 Deal Amid Horner Probe. Ford Eyes Red Bull 2026 Deal Amid Horner Probe


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