Red Bull Horner Investigation

Red Bull’s Fair Probe on Horner Allegations


Red Bull commits to a thorough, fair investigation into Christian Horner, despite external pressures. Helmut Marko emphasizes fairness and a considered response, highlighting the company’s dedication to integrity amidst the unfolding allegations.

Red Bull will not rush its investigation into allegations against Christian Horner, with Helmut Marko stating it must be “fair” to all involved, after which they will “respond accordingly”.

The Red Bull Racing team principal is currently under investigation by parent company Red Bull GmbH following a complaint about his conduct.

Horner, who was present at the RB20’s launch last week and claims business is proceeding as usual, has categorically denied all allegations.

While initially, it had been suggested, purely on hearsay since Red Bull has disclosed no details, that a decision would only be made after the Bahrain season-opening Grand Prix, there is mounting pressure on Red Bull from F1 and the FIA for a swift conclusion.

As such, it has been claimed that Red Bull GmbH is now looking to expedite the process, but Marko insists they will not rush.

“As you know, this is an internal investigation,” the motorsport advisor told Red Bull-owned ServusTV today when asked about the pressure from F1 and the FIA.

“The sooner a result is available, the better, as of course, rumors and other stories will inevitably arise due to the lengthy duration.”

“But I think Red Bull has reacted very well in this matter.”

“The lengthy duration of this investigation is not their fault. They are striving for a fair investigation and will then respond accordingly.”


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