FIA Revamps Sprint Format Adds 2024 Rules

FIA Revamps Sprint Format, Adds 2024 Rules


In a decisive Geneva meeting, the FIA World Council has revamped the Sprint weekend format and introduced key 2024 technical and circuit regulations.

Meeting today in Geneva, the FIA World Council unanimously approved modifications to the Sprint weekend format, previously greenlit by the F1 Commission.

The revamped weekend format will see Sprint qualifying unfold on Friday afternoon, followed by the Sprint race on Saturday morning. Grand Prix qualifying will now be held on Saturday afternoon, leading up to the Grand Prix on Sunday. There will be six Sprint weekends in 2024, as previously announced.

On the technical regulations front, measures have been introduced allowing teams to add cooling devices for drivers in extreme heat conditions. Additionally, the World Council approved single suppliers for the 2026 power unit components, including the oil level sensor, fuel flow meter, and pressure and temperature sensors.

Circuit Commission

Following the recent example of Las Vegas, where non-permanent circuits were not presented in time for the final inspection, the World Council approved a proposal to introduce a minimum 24-hour period between the final inspection and the first competitive track activity to ensure circuits are prepared in time.

Therefore, all non-permanent circuits must be presented for a final inspection 48 hours before the proposed start date of the very first competitive track activity for an initial international competition, and subsequently 24 hours before the first competitive track activity of any international competition, unless otherwise agreed by the FIA.

This final inspection will typically occur the day before the first competitive track activity and must be completed to the FIA’s satisfaction. All specific conditions and requirements stated in the relevant regulations must be met before the circuit’s license can be issued.

FIA Revamps Sprint Format, Adds 2024 Rules. FIA Revamps Sprint Format, Adds 2024 Rules


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