Alonso's 2026 F1 Future Decision Pending

Alonso’s 2026 F1 Future: Decision Pending


Fernando Alonso contemplates his racing career’s future with Aston Martin amid the upcoming 2026 F1 regulatory changes.

Fernando Alonso is uncertain about his plans for 2026, as he has yet to decide on continuing in Formula 1. The Aston Martin F1 driver acknowledges that time is moving on, and it’s unclear if he’ll embark on a new journey with the 2026 regulations.

“Firstly, I need to decide if I want to keep racing,” Alonso points out. “That’s the first decision I have to make, in a few weeks or races. I feel good now, but I’m aware it’s a demanding schedule.”

“By 2026, there will be different regulations. They might be appealing or not. But yes, let’s see. As I mentioned at the car launch, I’ll wait a few races before making a decision.”

As for what to expect in 2024, Alonso prefers to wait a few more weeks: “Let’s see after a few races. Bahrain is a specific track in terms of characteristics. We need to go to Saudi Arabia, Australia, and maybe Japan to understand the performance order of the teams.”

“Everything is going as expected. Maybe the transition from last year to this year is enough? We’ll see, the approach is different from 2023. We started with a good base, but were surprised by how well everything went at the start.”

“We weren’t a great team, off the track, in terms of car development. We’ve learned from last year. To become a championship contender in the future, this season was important.”

“This year, we’re starting with a good base and a lot of things in preparation for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see if we can maintain the car development pace. We didn’t meet those expectations last year. We want to improve in this area.”

On the other hand, Lance Stroll also refrains from making predictions: “It’s hard to say, everyone has different fuel loads, tires, schedules.”

“The track changes throughout the day, so there are unknowns. We had good tests, tried a lot of things on the car, and we’re ready to race. There are minor things to adjust here and there, but I felt good in the car.”

Alonso’s 2026 F1 Future: Decision Pending. Alonso’s 2026 F1 Future: Decision Pending


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