Ferrari SF-24 Innovative

Ferrari SF-24: Sainz Reveals Hidden Performance Boost


Carlos Sainz unveils Ferrari’s SF-24’s secret enhancements aimed at superior track performance in Sakhir this week.

Sainz has stated that Ferrari has equipped its SF-24 with innovative components that might not be visible on the surface but will add “enhanced performance” to its Formula 1 car making its track debut this week in Sakhir.

Although it secured the sole non-Red Bull victory last season in Singapore thanks to Sainz, the Italian brand slipped to third in the championship, trailing Red Bull by 454 points.

Ferrari has embarked on a revised concept with its SF-24 in an effort to regain a competitive stance that allows for regular victories this season.

However, while Sainz acknowledges that Ferrari’s latest creation has drawn inspiration from its rivals, he revealed that the team has developed its own unique solutions.

Ferrari SF-24: Hidden Innovations Unveiled

“In this car, there are elements inspired by Mercedes, Red Bull, and Aston Martin. As is always the case in F1, we selectively pick here and there what works.”

“I think it’s a very beautiful car, quite different from the 2023 one.”

“Ferrari engineers have innovated; there are aspects of the car that aren’t visible and are purely Ferrari ideas which, I’m sure, will give us better performance.”

Ferrari is reported to have significantly stayed under the weight limit, allowing for better ballast management.

“I can’t confirm anything at that level,” Sainz smiles.

“I just notice that our F1 has a lot of paint! Everyone is looking to reduce weight as much as possible, as evidenced by the fact that paint on the bodywork is sparingly used by many of our rivals.”

“But if you can create a beautiful livery with carbon black, it’s still weight saved for better distribution. So, you can’t necessarily infer whether a team is struggling with weight or not.”

Ferrari SF-24 Innovative Sainz unveils Ferrari’s SF-24’s secret. Ferrari SF-24 Innovative Sainz unveils Ferrari’s SF-24’s secret.


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