SF-24 Ferrari Leclerc Optimism

Leclerc Confident: SF-24 Solves Ferrari’s Woes


Charles Leclerc expresses optimism about the SF-24 addressing past issues. With design praises and simulator success, Ferrari aims to translate these improvements onto the track, keeping fans and competitors eagerly awaiting real-world confirmation.

What were your first impressions upon seeing the SF-24?

“I love this new car; the design is incredible. Of course, it’s red, unsurprisingly, with some changes in details, but I greatly appreciate it because a Ferrari must be red. The difference is made in the small details, and this year I really like the design. It’s always a special emotion to see this car for the first time in the year, which we’ve worked on for many months; it’s unique.”

How did you feel testing it in the simulator?

“In the simulator, everything went well; the car reacted well, the issues we had with the previous car seem to have been resolved in the simulator. But there’s an extremely important element, which is how much what we feel in the simulator translates to reality. And for that, we’ll have to wait for the tests in Bahrain to confirm it’s the case.”

What are your expectations for this car compared to the previous one?

“I expect a car that’s easier to drive; that was the main issue last year, we had a very finicky car. Every time the wind changed direction or strength, or the temperature changed, the car behaved completely differently, making it complicated to optimize the car’s settings according to the conditions. So, that’s the point we’ve worked on, in addition to seeking as much performance as possible.”

What are the key areas where you’re looking to see improvement?

“Wind sensitivity is really the characteristic I’d like to see improved for this season.”

With few regulatory changes for 2024, do you think the competition among teams will be tighter this season?

“It’s always difficult to anticipate the gaps between teams. Our goal is to win as many Grands Prix as possible and be as competitive as at the start of 2022, which was a positive season for us. But predicting how the season will unfold is complicated, it’s a sport relative to others, and for now, we’re focusing on ourselves, so we’ll have to wait a bit.”

A message for the Tifosi?

“A big thank you! We’ve had very good years and less good years, but what never changes is your support. Thank you for being there and count on me to give my all every time I put on the helmet and get in the car. I hope this year we’ll have a car that will let you enjoy the stands more and allow us to win.”

SF-24 Ferrari Leclerc Optimism. SF-24 Ferrari Leclerc Optimism

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