Ferrari SF-24 Track Overhaul

Ferrari SF-24 Revamped for Enhanced Track Maneuverability


Ferrari unveils the SF-24, thoroughly revamped to boost track maneuverability. Enrico Cardile discusses the engineering focus and the significant evolution from past designs, emphasizing driver feedback in the development process.

Ferrari has given its SF-24 a complete overhaul, aiming to “enhance maneuverability” on the track.

Interview with Enrico Cardile, Director of Chassis Engineering at Scuderia Ferrari.

“What were your main goals in designing the Ferrari SF-24?”

“The primary goals were to enhance the car’s maneuverability so drivers could fully tap into its potential. We aimed for a robust platform to ensure that all the wind tunnel performance translates to the track.”

Did you focus on specific areas when designing the car?

“It was crucial to unlock the car’s full performance, which is why we undertook a complete overhaul of every part of the car.”

“How significant is this car in terms of a departure from the past, compared to previous ground-effect era vehicles?”

“Our development goal for the SF-24 was the same as during the SF-23 development. In terms of general objectives, the SF-24 continues what we tried to achieve during the season with the SF-23. However, there’s a significant break from what we did in 2023 to 2024.”

Was driver feedback considered, or did you already have a clear direction in mind?

“To have a clear idea on how to develop the car, understanding our drivers’ feedback and translating it into engineering parameters is essential. The drivers are part of the development process, and it’s our engineers’ duty to figure out how to evolve the car to make them happy on the track.”

Ferrari SF-24 Track Overhaul. Ferrari SF-24 Track Overhaul

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