Ferrari and Leclerc How Long is the Contract

Leclerc and Ferrari: Clarity Lacking on New Deal


The length of Charles Leclerc‘s new Ferrari contract remains a mystery. Despite varied speculations by Italian media, the exact terms and duration of this extended partnership are not publicly confirmed.

No one knows for certain how long Charles Leclerc and Ferrari have extended their contract together.

Authoritative Italian media, usually well-informed about Scuderia’s internal affairs, are unsure about the duration of the new contract announced yesterday by Ferrari.

The press release stated that the 26-year-old driver would now remain “beyond the 2024 season,” while Leclerc declared he would continue driving in red “for several more seasons to come.”

Leo Turrini, one of the journalists closest to Ferrari, believes the opaque nature of Leclerc’s deal is unusual.

“Never, at least in recent history, has a multi-year extension of a Ferrari contract been announced without an expiration indication. Never.”

Ferrari’s Leclerc: Contract Length Shrouded in Mystery

La Gazzetta dello Sport thinks Leclerc has signed until 2029, a new five-year contract.

However, the newspaper adds that the agreement likely contains “performance-related exit clauses after the third year.” And year by year, Leclerc’s earnings will increase from the current 25 million euros per year to “about double” if he reaches 2029.

On the other hand, Il Corriere dello Sport believes that Leclerc’s contract is actually four years.

“Logically, the duration of the agreement is conditional. He will certainly race in 2025 and 2026, as it would be crazy to extend the deal and ignore the first season (2026) of the new rules.”

“After that, it will probably depend neither on him nor even on Frédéric Vasseur. But on the results.”

In short, the extension is good news. But there is no certainty for the future.”

Ferrari and Leclerc: How Long is the Contract?. Ferrari and Leclerc: How Long is the Contract?

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