Leclerc Continues with Ferrari A Journey Since 2016

Leclerc Confirms Continued Ferrari Partnership


Charles Leclerc, nearing his contract’s end, confirms his stay with Ferrari post-2024. His commitment reflects a strong bond with the team, nurtured since joining the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016.

The rumor had been circulating for several weeks: Charles Leclerc will continue driving for Ferrari after the 2024 season. The Monegasque driver was nearing the end of his contract, but both the driver and his team were eager to continue their journey together.

Leclerc joined Ferrari in 2019 after just one season in F1, having been a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2016. A winner of the F2 championship in 2017, he raced with Alfa Romeo to hone his skills before joining the Scuderia ranks.

Winning two Grand Prix in his first season in red, he is now the cornerstone of the project led by Fred Vasseur, and the good relationship between the two played a role in their mutual desire to continue working together.

“I am very happy to know that I will be wearing the Scuderia Ferrari racing suit for several more seasons,” Leclerc expressed his delight. “Racing for this team has been my dream since I was three years old.”

“I used to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from a friend’s apartment window at the corner of Sainte Dévote, always looking out for the red cars. This team has been like a second family to me since I joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016.”

“We have achieved a lot together, battling through thick and thin over the past five years. However, I believe the best is yet to come, and I am eager for this season to start, to continue improving and be competitive in every race.”

Leclerc’s Dream: World Champion with Ferrari Vision

“My dream remains to win the world championship with Ferrari, and I am confident that in the coming years, we will have great moments together and make our fans happy.”

“His Values and Ferrari’s Are Intertwined”

Vasseur joined Leclerc at Ferrari in early 2023, after they had previously worked together at ART Grand Prix in F3 and F2, and then at Alfa Romeo F1 in 2018. The Frenchman is pleased to have his leading driver on board for several more years.

“The connection between Charles and the Scuderia goes beyond that of a mere driver and team, as he has been part of the Ferrari family for eight years now, even before donning the prancing horse emblem on his racing suit,” Vasseur stated.

“His values and those of our team are intimately linked, and so it was a natural decision for us to extend our collaboration. We know him for his relentless desire to push his limits and we value his extraordinary abilities when it comes to fighting and overtaking on the track.”

“We are committed to giving Charles a winning car and I know that his determination and commitment are factors that can make a difference in helping us achieve our goals.”

Leclerc Continues with Ferrari A Journey Since 2016. Leclerc Continues with Ferrari A Journey Since 2016

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