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Madrid F1’s Steepest Turn in 2026 Ignites Racing Buz


Set to debut in 2026, Madrid’s new Formula 1 circuit will boast the calendar’s steepest turn. This development raises excitement and questions about the future of Spain’s traditional F1 racing scene.

Madrid’s new Formula 1 circuit will feature the steepest banked turn on the calendar.

The 10-year race deal starting in 2026 was announced this week, with officials insisting it won’t cost taxpayers a cent – casting a dark cloud over the future of the existing Spanish GP in Barcelona.

Asked about the fully private funding of the Madrid race, Barcelona politician David Escude expressed skepticism: “I’d be very surprised if it really works out that way.”

However, there are rumors that Madrid is paying a whopping 50 million euros per race to host Formula 1 – with promoters having grand plans for a lavish event. A kind of European Las Vegas, but with the risk of a dangerous price spike for tickets, especially considering Vegas didn’t manage to fill its 37,000 daily seats…

Part of the project’s budget will be spent on new innovations – such as a turn with an extreme 30-degree banking, making Zandvoort’s 19-degree incline seem moderate. For reference, the historic banking of the Monza Autodrome and its old layout was a maximum of 38 degrees (illustrative photo for example).

“And there are two or three more surprises to come with the circuit,” said Jarno Zafelli, head of the Italian race circuit designer Dromo.

Madrid F1 Circuit Innovates with Unique Features in 2026

He explained that, for instance, there will be “two small tunnels on the circuit.”

And, referring to the extreme banking project, he said: “In the Valdebebas area, we will push the limits. We don’t want to repeat elements from other circuits.”

“Madrid will have its own personality, with the elements and zones it needs,” added Zafelli, noting that the promoters have acquired a lot of land for the layout.

“Not being limited as in a city allowed us to seek these limits. It depends on the next phase and on F1, the FIA, and everything that will be discussed in the final design.”

Indeed, the forces exerted by a 30° banking could pose issues for F1 tires and suspensions.

“A collaboration with Pirelli, the teams, and the FIA will be necessary to determine maximum speeds and thus the radius of the final turn.”

Madrid Formula 1 Circuit The Steepest Turn on the Calendar. Madrid Formula 1 Circuit The Steepest Turn on the Calendar

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