F1 Team Rankings 2024

F1’s Top Duos: Mercedes Leads, Red Bull Lags


According to journalists from the British outlet The Race, Red Bull Racing does not have the best driver duo in Formula 1, that honor goes to Mercedes. The Race posits that Mercedes is the sole team with two drivers who can realistically contend for championships and secure victories without needing to swap teammates. The British publication views Sergio Pérez as too inconsistent a partner.

F1 Team Rankings 2024

Throughout the season, The Race rated the drivers with a ranking after each Grand Prix and did the same for the team pairings at the season’s end. In this ranking, the duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez was placed fourth. Mercedes clinched the top spot. “Hamilton wasn’t at his peak in the last races of 2023, but the real Hamilton is still lurking somewhere, and while Russell occasionally errs, he is fundamentally as quick as Lewis in a single lap,” The Race reported. “This is the only lineup where both drivers can vie for and possibly clinch a title with the right car and without changing teammates.”

F1 journalist Gary Anderson, however, didn’t fully agree with his peers. “Actually, it’s quite challenging to judge these two because of the inconsistency of their machinery,” stated Anderson, who would personally rank the Mercedes duo third. “When Hamilton has a car that delivers what he desires, he’ll be tough to beat, while Russell is more content with a less than perfect vehicle.” Yet, for another, this wasn’t enough to dethrone Mercedes in the ranking. Hence, Red Bull didn’t make the top three, as The Race found both the McLaren and Ferrari duos superior.

Red Bull’s Fate: Pérez’s Challenge & Verstappen’s Dominance

The rationale behind the lower ranking of the Red Bull gentlemen hinges on the erratic performances of Pérez. “I don’t believe there’s another driver in the field who can match Verstappen in a car tailored to his liking,” remarked Anderson. “In a different car favored by another driver, there might be a few, including Perez. But for now, Red Bull will pursue the direction Verstappen has been advocating for in recent seasons. It’s up to Pérez to elevate his game and adapt. 2024 is truly a make-or-break season.”

Opinions vary, as other contributors from The Race believed Verstappen alone was sufficient to propel Red Bull to the top spot in the rankings. “Perez is certainly a lesser number two than at least Mercedes and Ferrari have, but ultimately Verstappen is so formidable that he provides enough support to lift this duo to the top for me. He’s currently so distinctly superior to his rivals that I’d choose him, even with Perez as a burden, over the other line-ups,” said The Race journalist Jack Benyon.

F1 Team Rankings 2024 F1 Team Rankings 2024 F1 Team Rankings 2024


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