F1 at Capacity Domenicali Rejects Calendar Expansion 2

F1 at Capacity: Domenicali Rejects Calendar Expansion


Stefano Domenicali confirms Formula 1 will not expand beyond the current 24 races, citing optimal interest and logistical balance.

Stefano Domenicali states that Formula 1 currently has no interest in expanding the annual race calendar beyond the current 24 Grands Prix, which is already very busy.

The sport reached this staggering number for the first time last year (although two races did not take place). This is still the case this season, and the FIA and F1 have jointly released another 24-race calendar for 2025.

In response to pressure on F1’s traveling contingent, the races have been sequenced more strategically for next year—in the official announcement, the discipline stated that the calendar now has a “better geographical flow” for logistics and managing staff fatigue.

Suzuka in April will now follow Melbourne and China, followed by mainly European races in the summer, then the Americas in the fall—before Qatar and Abu Dhabi conclude the 2025 calendar.

“Even as we focus on the overall stability of Formula 1, we also have a common duty towards the environment as well as the health and well-being of the traveling personnel,” said FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

However, reports suggest that F1 may actually plan to further expand the calendar for 2026 and beyond, as the current Concorde Agreement is supposed to already allow a maximum of 25 races.

An additional 3-week gap has been created in 2025 in July, which is quite unusual since the 4-week summer break does take place afterward. It is intended to accommodate a 25th Grand Prix (Madrid) in 2026.

Before the calendar was published, Jean Alesi asked the CEO of F1 if he fully agreed with the widely held opinion in the paddock that 24 Grands Prix truly represent the maximum for this sport.

“Just think that some years, we had trouble organizing seventeen Grands Prix—and today we are doing 24!” the Italian responded on the French channel Canal Plus.

“I think 24 is the right number, compared to the interest that Formula 1 is currently generating globally. But technically, we could do 25.”

“However, I think 24 is the right number.”

An important argument in Domenicali’s statement is “the interest that Formula 1 is currently generating.” It remains to be seen what “currently” will mean in 2026…

F1 at Capacity Domenicali Rejects Calendar Expansion 2

F1 at Capacity: Domenicali Rejects Calendar Expansion. F1 at Capacity: Domenicali Rejects Calendar Expansion

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