Adrian Newey to Ferrari A Move Nearing Reality

Adrian Newey Spotted Near Ferrari HQ Amid Speculation


As Adrian Newey was recently spotted near Ferrari’s headquarters, speculation about his potential move intensifies.

Adrian Newey, arguably the most sought-after designer in Formula 1 history, was seen in Italy.

Newey was spotted at Bologna Airport. The city is just an hour’s drive from Ferrari’s headquarters.

Amid the ongoing power struggle at Red Bull, Newey—along with Dr. Helmut Marko and even Max Verstappen—might be considering an exit.

Recently, amid rumors that Newey, 65, had fallen out with Christian Horner, Newey’s wife, Amanda, “liked” a social media post where her husband expressed regret over not having worked for Ferrari.

“This is your chance to sweep away those regrets, Adrian,” read the message Mrs. Newey liked.

Contractually, Newey is tied to Red Bull until the end of 2025 or 2026—but recent turmoil within the team might have changed the situation.

Indeed, it was reported that Aston Martin recently made an “astronomical” offer to Newey, to which Marko responded a few days ago: “I don’t think this is the first offer he’s received and I don’t think it will be the last.”

Losing Adrian Newey would be as significant for Red Bull as losing Max Verstappen. And there’s nothing he hates more than internal politics. Since things started going wrong at Red Bull, rivals have been stepping up their approaches, as Wolff is doing with Verstappen.

Newey has admitted to receiving solid offers from Ferrari in the past, but he always declined them because it would mean uprooting his family to Italy.

However, several sources suggest Amanda Newey might be ready to make the big move.

If Ferrari actually manages to recruit Newey, having already signed Lewis Hamilton for 2025 and beyond, Gerhard Berger believes a new era akin to Michael Schumacher’s could soon begin at Maranello.

“With Hamilton instead of Michael,” said the Austrian, still close to Red Bull and Helmut Marko.

“I can see Vasseur creating a dream team with Adrian, Lewis, and Charles. Let’s see if the rumors hold true, but it’s never been closer to happening.”

Adrian Newey to Ferrari A Move Nearing Reality

Adrian Newey to Ferrari: A Move Nearing Reality? Adrian Newey to Ferrari: A Move Nearing Reality?

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