Vasseur Highlights Hamilton's Key Role at Ferrari

Vasseur Highlights Hamilton’s Key Role at Ferrari


In a recent interview, Fred Vasseur praised Lewis Hamilton’s vital influence on Ferrari, emphasizing his role beyond just driving.

Fred Vasseur was a guest on Radio France, and the Ferrari director discussed the start of the season for the Scuderia.

It’s not yet at the level of Red Bull, but at the Australian Grand Prix, Ferrari managed to win and even secured a one-two finish.

Is this his best memory to date at Ferrari?

“Yes and no, the best was the qualifying at Monza. However, 2022 was very striking: it was the first time I had this feeling of being in a football stadium or similar with the roar of the crowd when Charles crossed the line first, then Carlos. And that’s something I had never experienced before.”

But most of the time, Vasseur is in his bubble and does not pay attention to the immediate environment.

“You have to understand that when you’re on the pit wall, where you watch the race, you’re focused on two little dots moving around a circuit, on data, and very often, you don’t watch the race. You know where your cars are, but you don’t know who is fifth, who is eighth. You’re not in a trance, but you’re just focused on numbers. The mindset is quite strange. You don’t experience the race as a spectator does. I think I have fewer emotions, strangely, when I watch the cars because I experience them as a technical act.”

Formula 1 has revealed its ecological impact, with a 13% reduction in CO2 emissions over a year. The Net Zero carbon goal by 2030 seems hard to achieve.

When asked if F1 can adapt to the reality of these environmental issues, he replies: “I think it should not be denied. Formula 1 has been criticized for being too timid, it feels uncomfortable while I think we could be very comfortable with our position because F1 was the first to introduce hybrid engines and work continues on the use of greener fuels.”

“We had a group of fans who were historical supporters of F1 who liked the noise, the oil, and the tires. And for the past 4 to 5 years, a bit with Netflix, we also have younger people, a lot more girls, who have other concerns and are quite sensitive, even much more sensitive to these issues.”

Vasseur could not escape a question about Lewis Hamilton and 2025. While some wonder if Ferrari would have been better off keeping Carlos Sainz in his current form, the Frenchman reminds us what the seven-time world champion will bring to the Scuderia.

“The arrival of Lewis Hamilton? It’s important for the team. Beyond speed, it brings calmness to the team, experience, a track record. An experience of winning, which we also need at Ferrari to move forward.”

“I’m also super happy because I’m convinced that the two will get along well. It will help Charles, the driver.”

“It’s not just about performance in the car, in qualifying or in the race. It’s also 365 days a year and in this area, I think Lewis is an absolute master.”

Vasseur Highlights Hamilton's Key Role at Ferrari

Vasseur Highlights Hamilton’s Key Role at Ferrari. Vasseur Highlights Hamilton’s Key Role at Ferrari

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