F1 2026 New Era with 50 Electric Powertrain

Beyond 1000 HP: F1’s Electrifying 2026 Vision


F1’s 2026 vision reveals a revolutionary 50% electric powertrain and redesigned chassis, promising an exhilarating future for racing.

F1’s Technical Director, Pat Symonds, has shed light on the Formula 1 cars of 2026, heralding a new era. Featuring a powertrain with 50% electric capability and a completely redesigned chassis, the British engineer’s details spark anticipation for the final outcome.

“For the time being, these are electric engine cars generating 900 horsepower,” Symonds stated. “We aim to exceed 1000 horsepower with the 2026 car, but we intend for the electric engine to contribute more significantly.”

“Currently, turbo lag is non-existent in these cars because we have an electric motor on the turbo, which operates efficiently. However, turbo lag isn’t what it used to be.”

And F1 is set on rectifying one of the major flaws in regulations since 2017 – excessive aerodynamic downforce: “We aim to reduce the car’s aerodynamic downforce. If the cars are heavy, it’s partly because they need to withstand such loads that they slide a bit more.”

“I believe this will shift more focus onto the driver. That’s significant. The drivers are the heroes, the superhumans we want to highlight. I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

Technology at a “not ridiculous” price

Symonds emphasizes that the new hybrid technology will be crucial, facilitating greater electrification while not forcing engine manufacturers, who will total six, into excessive spending.

“This technology is at a reasonable cost. We’ve extensively discussed the 2022 car and how it enhanced racing, among other achievements. Yet, the budget cap hasn’t received the acclaim it deserves, being fundamental to Formula 1’s future.”

“My last team was Williams, where we operated on a shoestring budget. In fact, shortly after my departure from Williams, the team could no longer survive with limited means. They had to sell, and they weren’t the only ones.”

“Teams were truly struggling to survive. In seven years, we’ve ensured these teams are all valued at half a billion dollars each, which is quite remarkable. And that’s largely due to the budget cap.”

“Today, engine manufacturers view this technology as intriguing and not ridiculously priced. We don’t need to invest hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, but we can focus on areas of interest.”

Symonds also offers reassurance on battery research: “The technology around electric motors, battery cells, and battery cell technology is captivating. People think of lithium-ion batteries or cells. That’s not the case.”

“It’s like saying metal is metal: is it steel, aluminum, magnesium? There are numerous different battery chemistries, and the most interesting ones are being explored in Formula 1. Thus, manufacturers still have many technologies to explore.”

F1 2026: New Era with 50% Electric Powertrain. F1 2026: New Era with 50% Electric Powertrain


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